My Shit Stinks Too!

So, I really just wanted to submit my first post before the new year. This isn’t a “post” post, it’s more of “soft” post, if you catch my drift. Named and titled after a word that I truly feel characterizes my life, at 23 years old. This is the introduction to you as my most vulnerable and transparent self.

What does ” Perplexxed” mean?
The definition of “Perplexed” is ; 1: filled with uncertainty : PUZZLED
2: full of difficulty.

Why Perplexxed?

This is something that I have always wanted to create. I’ve been journaling and writing my entire life; writing has always been the best way to express myself. I’ve struggled with anxiety for the past several years ( since the 8th grade) and I’ve also struggled with accepting myself , poor self-esteem and judgement from others.. Whether from said words or formed thoughts in my head.

The year of 2019 has been an extremely humbling year! Definitely a year for the books. The roughest, toughest, saddest, but also happiest year of my life (so far). The year of growth, love, loss, heartbreak, accomplishment and failure. Taking every “L” in stride and standing in my faith/ belief that all will be well.

No doubt, I believe that everything I have experienced this year will resonate and reach readers. A year of me truly loving, valuing and accepting myself and all that it means. Unquestionably, I would say that, this is the year of me learning that my shit stinks, too. And, that I am NOT the only person going through the struggles of young adulthood (although it often feels like it).

Finally, ridding myself of fear, troubles, personal debt, toxic people and a toxic situationship. 2020, the year of me, the year of growth and living to my fullest potential. The year of doing whatever the fuck I want, no longer adding things to my list of regrets.

See you soon,
Happy New Years from PERPLEXXED.

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